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Snaks is geared to helping all pets have a fun and healthy lifestyle. Thanks to our mascot, CEO furbaby "Pinero," we are able to constantly come up with new recipes very often. Pinero has extreme food allergies. Did you know that most dogs can't eat wheat, grain, corn or soy? For that reason, all Snaks are free of these ingredients, while benefiting organ & joint nutrition!

On another note, to make our first blog in a year even more interesting, we will constantly give you updates, promotional deals, health advice from licensed veterinarians that will be teaming up with Snaks, new item releases and even guest bloggers! 

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  • Caroline Light (@fuller.farms on insta)

    Hi! I would just like to say how much I absolutely love Snaks! They are the perfect and my favorite treat ever. I always have 5+ boxes of doughnuts, 3+ boxes of crunch cups, 2+ boxes of cannolis, and about 9 bags of poptarts. I love these treats and highly recommend them!

  • Sophia Cicerchia @sophia.cicerchia on ig

    You guys are literally the best. You truly make every order with love right in your bakery and they are WONDERFULLY made! They truly represent the human food they are supposed to be, and I feel very comfortable giving them to my horses and dogs knowing that they have barely any ingredients and low sugar. My fur babies absolutely love them and it is without a doubt that yours would too. The owner and all of her employees that help with the email and social media are the sweetest and really get your inquiries and answer them. I have nothing but good things to say bout S5A and I am going on my 10th order from them! You won’t regret it when you order and not to mention the treats are delivered all within 7 days or less to your doorstep. I mean just look at their treats, how could you or your fur baby say to no them?!

  • Sofia (@onlyapony on ig)

    I love your treats so much!! they’re adorable and Bella LOVES them??? thank you for providing these treats for our dogs and horses and making them very happy campers? I wish the best of luck to Pinero.

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