An Introduction...

Hi All!

My name is Carrie Sarabella. I am the owner of Snaks 5th Avenchew, but more importantly, I am a Pet Mom to two amazing furbabies. My horse "Hunter" is a 25yr old, chestnut thoroughbred (who still shines like a penny), and my 9yr old American Black Cocker Spaniel, "Pinero", whom most of you are already very familiar with.

I decided to begin this blog in hopes to get closer with my customers and Snakaholics. Giving a little insight to the large dietary varieties I provide my fur-children, in hopes that I can help you think "Beyond the Bag" of the pet food bag you use. After all, as my brand says, "If we can't eat it, why should they?!"

I started Snaks 5th Avenchew due to my own pet's food allergies. I have always cooked for them, made their treats, used home, holistic or herbal remedies for sprays, skin issues, medical needs, and have even had the pleasure to work closely with veterinarians that have expended my knowledge to create the treats you all love! Although I love the world of medicine to treat major and minor issues, I also love knowing I also have options outside of medicine that can greatly benefit my pets!

Each and every one of you have embraced Snaks and took the time to share it on your pages for all to see. I am forever thankful for the continued patronage and loyalty you have given me to help this company grow into what it is, and I feel now it's time for me to give back some of what I know.

The blogging process is new for me, so please be kind and patient as I get started. I would love to hear from all of you, so be sure to get involved and share your own thoughts, questions, stories and of course, blogging wisdom!

Step outside the bag with me! Let's go "Beyond the Bag"!

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Talk soon!

Xo, Carrie

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