I scream for Ice Cream!!!!

Long, hot, summer days make cravings for cool treats extremely desirable. Did you know that pets can be lactose intolerant also?! Yep! Their bodies as adults, sometimes don't do too well with dairy, causing them to have some lose stool and tummy issues if they get into anything that contains milk and dairy. This happens, once the excess lactose finally gets to the large intestine, it draws in water, which then causes diarrhea. Other side effects of Lactose Intolerance is gas, bloating, mucus in the stool, and in severe cases, even vomiting! Of course, we would never want to put our pups through this :(   

Lactose intolerance develops because some adult animals produce very little of the enzyme "lactase", which breaks down lactose (the sugar found in milk). As babies, milk/dairy is crucial for humans and animals during growth and development, but, as adults, humans as well as animals, don't typically need dairy to survive. If you actually take a moment to think of it, once animals no longer feed off their mother, dairy is no longer in their diet. The same should be for humans once we grow into toddlers and adults, but we are so addicted to cheese, milk, ice cream and so many other things that I for one can raise my hand for all of the above!

So the big question is, "Can dogs eat Ice Cream?"

Our answer is, yes and no.

“Many dogs can safely eat a little bit of ice cream every now and then,” says Jennifer Coates, DVM and veterinary advisor for askPETMD. “If you let your dog clean up your ice cream bowl when you’re done and his GI tract continues to function normally, you’re probably fine.” 

Dairy is a main contributor to food allergies in dogs. Studies have proven that an allergy to dairy products was identified in 20% of affected dogs, making dairy the second most allergenic food type, coming in behind beef at 34%. Dogs with food allergies typically have non-seasonal itchiness and recurrent skin and/or ear infections. 

Most ice cream vendors innocently offer, dog-friendly sizes that come in cups or with cones. Some even offer cups of whipped cream. Dr. Coates says that, "the indulgence shouldn’t be an every-day treat." These days, the main issue vets have about dogs eating ice cream is problems with lactose intolerance, food allergies and obesity. Ice cream is relatively high in calories, fat and sugar. It also has NO nutritional value for humans, dogs and horses...or just about anyone sadly lol

As we know, Ice Cream comes in so many delicious flavors these days, but we recommend you keep it simple if you choose to treat your pup. Vanilla will be your best bet. Stay away from flavors that contain chocolate, pieces of chocolate or even raisin. This is TOXIC for dogs.

So this summer, as much as we want to keep our pup cool with a sweet chilly treat, be sure to give your dog ice cream ONLY if you are certain they don't have any issues. And like I had mentioned, this is a "treat", so keep the quantities to a minimum...like a few licks.  

Lastly! To help alleviate any issues, Snaks 5th Avenchew has PUPPY ICE CREAM! It's ice cream specifically for dogs! They have 4 flavors: Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon and Carob! I have included the link below for you :)

And Yes, horses can eat ice cream cones. Ice cream will not cause any problems at all unless they eat A LOT of it.

Snaks 5th Avenchew Puppy Ice Cream


Alternative Suggestions

You can also try making some yummy flavored ice treats at home as a safe cool treat! Just use a donut tray, fill each donut cavity with water and throw in some crushed fruit, freeze and serve! Dogs love berries! Blue berries and raspberries are perfect and have amazing anti-oxidants that benefit your pup! Plus...you can have some too!

*This blog is not meant or intended to treat, cure or give licensed medical advice. This blog solely gives suggestions and counsel based on education & personal experience. Please consult with your #veterinarianbefore making any changes to your dogs diet*
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