The Benefits of Tumeric! Wait, Tumerwhat?!

Tumeric is a an herb that has so many benefits to help your dog!! Pinero gets #tumeric in his food each day! It acts as an anti-inflammatory due to multiple properties within the herb itself!! Which makes this herb perfect for pups with #arthritis.

For Pinero, when he had his brain tumor, rather than increase his prednisone (that was prescribed by his vet), I decided to use it WITH his prednisone, allowing the mix of eastern medicine and all natural resources to be a fully functional dynamic duo!! Tumeric is on the top of many lists as a natural remedy for treating so many dogs, young and old, with stiff joints. Just sprinkle it on like salt!

1) an anti-inflammatory
2) can help dogs with cancer
3) relieve arthritis pain
4) help with gastrointestinal issues
5) work with prescribed steroids
6) a powerful antioxidant!!!
*Tumeric is NOT meant for all dogs and some dogs should not take Tumeric. Please consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog Tumeric
*This blog is not meant or intended to treat, cure or give licensed medical advice. This blog solely gives suggestions and counsel based on education & personal experience. Please consult with your #veterinarianbefore making any changes to your dogs diet*
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