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By Mackenzie Shuman

Everyone loves to spoil their horses. Whether it’s after a tough lesson, a good round at a show, or simply just for looking cute, treats are an easy way to say “thank you” to our favorite equines. If you are looking for the perfect treat to thank your horse with, look no further than Snaks 5th Avenchew. This innovative brand has taken the horse world by storm, gathering over 26,000 Instagram followers an army of loyal fans who post daily photos and videos of themselves feeding their horses the artfully crafted “Snaks”.

The Plaid Horse crew decided to try these treats for ourselves. (Did you know Snaks 5th Avenchew can even work with you on a custom branded treat for your barn or brand?) Their treats can be found at many horse shows across the nation, and can also be found online and in some tack shops.

Choosing just one box of Snaks is a difficult choice, with an amazing array of shapes, sizes, and colors offered. This is a good thing though, lots to chose from means that I can come back time after time to get more new shapes and 

flavors without my horse ever getting bored. (Plus new shapes make for cute new photos for Instagram!)  I have fed Snaks to several horses from my barn, and I see the same reaction every time: “can we please have more?”

The horses obviously love the treats, but do I?

First impressions are important, and Snaks make a great one. The outer packaging is cute, whimsical, and keeps the treats safe from nibblers and getting crushed. (No one likes a squishes Snak!) When I opened my first package of Snaks, I was immediately am enamored with the adorable design and how well-made the treats are. Everything under the sun from the donuts to crunch cups, pony pop tarts and an array of adorable themed shapes are crafted well, and with a great attention to detail. Just one more thing to love about Snaks is that they are made with simple, horse-friendly  ingredients, and they even offer sugar-free options! It makes me feel better feeding every horse in the barn a Snak every week at the horse show, knowing that Snaks has my horse’s well being in mind.

Overall, Snaks 5th Avenchew Pet Treats are well worth the the price ($15 for a package of 12 Crunch Cups, my usual order!) The horses love them, I love them, and better yet, they make for adorable photos with your favorite equine friend.

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